TASK 48: QA & Support Measures for Solar Cooling

The main objective of this Task is to assist a strong and sustainable market development of solar cooling systems.

IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme

The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC) was established in 1977, one of the first programmes of the International Energy Agency, to promote the use of all aspects of solar thermal energy. The Programme's work is unique in that it is accomplished through the international collaborative effort of experts from member countries and the European Union.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • accelerates the pace of technology development
  • promotes standardization
  • enhances national R&D programmes
  • permits national specialization
  • saves time and money

SHC 2015
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What's New
  • SHC Book Series - IEA SHC Programme is collaborating with Wiley to publish a book series on a diverse array of solar heating and cooling topics. Order books here.
  • IEA SHC Partnering with ISO TC 180 Solar Energy - This liaison creates a clear path for IEA SHC results to be implemented in ISO standards. “Measuring the solar resources available for solar applications is an important goal of this partnership,” says Ms. Erandi Chandrasekare, Secretary of ISO TC180 “As well as improving the performance of solar heating and cooling systems by standardizing the measurements of performance, reliability and durability.”
  • Collection of Solar Energy and Architecture Case Studies - A free online database of 50 projects from 11 countries highlights how active and passive solar can decrease energy demand and enhance a building's architectural quality.
  • Solar Update May 2015 Now Online - The latest issue of the IEA SHC Programme’s newsletter, Solar Update is now online. This issue has articles covering a variety to topics ranging from the SHC 2015 Conference, Turkey, Lighting Retrofit, Process Heat Integration, Task 47, Task 40, Netherlands, SHC Book Series, ISO Partnerships, and New Publications.
  • International Award to Pioneering French Solar Municipality - 13 October 2014, Beijing. The International Energy Agency Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) presented its 2014 SHC SOLAR AWARD to the City of Montmélian, now officially called Montmélian la Solaire, which has been a solar thermal pioneer for more than 30 years. The Mayor, Mrs. Béatrice Santais, received the award on behalf of city at the International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry in Beijing, China.
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  • Task 39: 33 New Info Sheets Posted - Task 39 has posted 33 new Info Sheets dealing with polymeric materials for solar collectors and solar storage. Check them out.
  • Industrial Workshop SHIP, France - 15 September 2015 - The SHIP day is intended to industrial, production, energy and sustainability managers within the process industries (agro food, paper, chemistry, textile, leather, metal treatment, etc.), industry associations, production lines and machinery providers as well as energy consultants. This is also a great opportunity to network with the experts from the Task 49, solar technology providers as well as developers with investment capacity. All the competences and success keys for your projects.
  • 8th expert meeting in Montpellier, France - 16-17 September 2015
  • Task 50 Newsletter Online - Check out the latest newsletter.
  • Solar Cooling Week in Shanghai - This is an exciting week -- Task 48 experts are holding their final Experts Meeting and Task 53 experts have an Experts Meeting. Immediately following these meetings is the Chinese Solar Cooling Conference (SCC 2015) on March 27th where Task experts will present their work and results to the Chinese.
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SHC Solar Award
SHC Solar Award 2014

The International Energy Agency Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) presented its 2014 SHC SOLAR AWARD to the City of Montmélian, now officially called Montmélian la Solaire, which has been a  solar thermal pioneer for more than 30 years.  Read More >>

Publication Highlight
Solar Heat Worldwide 2014

The latest edition of Solar Heat Worldwide is now available.  The report includes a preview of 2013, and an overview of total solar capacity in operation and newly installed capacity worldwide in 2012.  Read More >>

Task Highlight
TASK 31:

This Task seeks to make daylighting the typical and preferred design solution for lighting buildings in the 21st century by integrating human response with the application of daylighting systems and shading and electric light control strategies.