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SHC Task 45 Fact Sheets - Overview
April 2014 - PDF 0.26MB
By: Jan Erik Nielsen, PlanEnergi
IEA-SHC Task 45 has published a number of “FACT SHEETS”. There are two types of fact sheet:

INFO SHEET: A one page introduction and summary of the technical topic
TECH SHEETS: A detailed multipage technical report/guideline dealing with the topic in detail
SHC Task 45 Fact Sheets - Overview
Task 45 Highlights 2011
December 2011 - PDF 0.9MB
By: Jan Erik Nielsen
- Growing interest on “Smart District Heating”
- Price winner: Towards 100 % solar fraction in Canada
- Low solar heat production costs from large systems: 30 - 40 €/MWh
Task 45 Highlights 2011