Task 51 - Solar Energy in Urban Planning

Web-site: Innovative solar products for architectural integration
Subtask D: Education and Dissemination
June 2013
By: MariaCristina Munari Probst, Christian Roecker, Laurent Deschamps (EPFL-LESO)
This website shows in an attractive way the innovative/inspiring solar products for building integration now available on the market. The website is dedicated to architects and has three sections: photovoltaic, solar thermal and hybrid systems. By choosing a specific technology and integration approach (roof integration, facade integration, balcony etc) the user receives a selection of appropriate products, presented in the form of virtual A4 sheets. These sheets include dedicated information, contact details and pictures, both of the product alone and in situation on buildings. The website was developed by Task 41, Subtask A, and will continue to be updated within Subtask D in Task 51.