The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) is an independent not-for-profit regional organization that aims to enable and increase the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices in the Arab region. RCREEE teams with regional governments and global organizations to initiate and lead clean energy policy dialogues, strategies, technologies and capacity development in order to increase Arab states’ share of tomorrow’s energy.

RCREEE was set up based on Cairo Declaration which was signed in June, 2008 by government representatives from ten Arab countries. The declaration outlined the following two core objectives for establishing the center:

  1. To diffuse the implementation of cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency policies, strategies and technologies in the Arab region.
  2. To increase the share of renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services in the Arab region and their share of global market.

RCREEE acquired its legal status in August, 2010 as an independent not-for-profit international organization through a Host Country Agreement with the government of Egypt.