Subtask A: Pre-engineered Systems for Residential and Small Commercial Applications

A3a-B3b: Monitoring Procedure for Solar Cooling Systems
A joint technical report of subtask A and B (D-A3a / D-B3b)
October 2011 - PDF 1.17MB
By: Assunta Napolitano, Wolfram Sparber, Alexander Thür, Pietro Finocchiaro, Bettina Nocke
Monitoring of installed solar assisted cooling systems represents a fundamental tool in order not only to optimize the monitored system itself, but as well to draw conclusions for a suited selection of design and control for future installations. This is especially true for a technology in an early stage of market penetration, as it is the case for Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) systems. In fact to the date, only around 300 SHC are documented worldwide.
A3b: Monitoring Results
A technical report of subtask A (Pre-engineered systems for residential and small commercial applications)
September 2011 - PDF 16.64MB
By: Dagmar Jaehnig and Alexander Thuer
This report summarizes the monitoring activities on small-scale solar heating and cooling systems carried out within subtask A of IEA-SHC Task 38. All systems were monitored according to the monitoring procedure developed with Task 38. However, the level of detail varies from system to system. The monthly monitoring data has been filled into the Monitoring Excel Tool of Task 38.
A5: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Guidelines for Pre-Engineered Systems
A technical report of subtask A
June 2011 - PDF 0.37MB
Editor: Anita Preisler
The idea of this working group was to set up guidelines for installation, operation and maintenance based on experience of already existing pre-engineered small scale solar heating and cooling plants. Therefore, an end-user survey was invented by setting up a questionnaire including the relevant information for this purpose (see chapter 2.1). From the results of the interviews (see 2.2) it became clear that most of the analyzed solar heating and cooling plants can´t be categorized in “pre-engineered” systems. As a result it was decided in the working group that the information gained from the end-user survey should be used for a list of recommendations (see chapter 2.3) to bring the idea of pre-engineered systems forward.
A1: Market Available Components for Systems for Solar Heating and Cooling with a Cooling Capacity < 20 kW
A Technical Report of Subtask A
November 2009 - PDF 3.52MB
Editor: Dagmar Jaehnig
Systems for solar heating and cooling with a cooling capacity below 20 kW should be as
much pre-engineered as possible. That means that the entire system layout and the size of all components is pre-defined by the manufacturer or seller of the system. To install such a system there is no detailed planning process necessary. It can be bought “off the shelf” designed for a given heating and cooling load and can be installed by an HVAC installer. Unfortunately, only few companies offer this kind of pre-engineered system up to now.
A2: Collection of Selected Systems Schemes “Generic Systems”
A technical report of subtask A
November 2009 - PDF 0.59MB
By: Michael Becker, Martin Helm and Christian Schweigler
For wide-spread application of solar cooling, compact systems shall be installed by
professionals from the heating and plumbing sector without requiring a detailed planning
procedure on a case-by-case basis. Thus along with the required equipment – i.e.
thermally driven chiller, solar thermal system, and heat rejection device - well-proven
system configurations have to be available for selecting an appropriate system concept
with regard to the given specific requirements.