October 21, 2016, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

The first Task Definition Meeting on Historic Buildings will be held Friday 21st October 2016 in Brussels. 

We can start with a “get-together” the evening before, so that those arriving for the meeting join the group which already is in Brussels the days before for the EECHB conference. We will start the meeting itself on Friday early in the morning 8.30in order to be able to close around 16.30 so that the late planes can be reached.

Detailed agenda and information on the meeting place will be avialable soon.

As preparation of the meeting, I will  first of all check and bring together all contributions which arrived. Please send us / include in the xls sheet on dropbox your specific interest and possible contributions, if you haven’t already done .

For those arriving already on Tuesday for the EECHB conference and those living nearby: I will be in Brussels already on the18th October 2016, and it would be great to use the opportunity for some preparative work meetings  - especially with those of you, who thanks to running projects and national funding could take over Subtask leaderships.

Meeting Information

Contact: Alexandra Troi