August 5-8, 2018
University of Colorado, Boulder
UC Campus
Boulder, CO

The American Solar Energy Society returns to Colorado this year, moving north to  Boulder, a city with a progressive sustainable energy vision, to continue the conversation on maximizing renewable energy, and to forge pathways for communities in every state to follow, in achieving renewables-driven electrification, climate resilience, and clean-energy driven opportunities for all.

Building on ASES success from the 2017 National Solar Conference

It’s a tall order—one suited to the inspiring spirit of the University of Colorado at Boulder, on the Rocky Mountains’ breath-taking front range. ASES has designed this conference to be an engaging summit of members, partner organizations and guests. All participants will be encouraged to hear the facts and weigh the controversies; share research and experience; and consider how supporters of high-renewables goals nationwide can work together to address the challenges and speed our collective progress toward full reliance on sustainable, renewable energy.

Join us, as together we map three Pathways to the Renewable Energy Transformation and commit to the steps we will take:

  • Broadening access to renewables to give everyone a choice
  • Promoting clean electrification—a dramatic shift in household, business and transportation sectors
  • Working toward energy resilience and recovery from accelerating climate emergencies

In a departure from previous conferences, we will focus on these tracks, plus competitive opportunities for outstanding presentation and posters on a cross-section of other relevant topics. We acknowledge that there are many topics–and many pathways–that we would like to explore, and indeed, this 2018 National Solar Conference is the start of a multi-year commitment to continuously re-broadening our focus.on.