November 8-9, 2019
Hotel Regal Pacific
Av. Apoquindo 5680, Las Condes

The 86th Executive Committee Meeting of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme will be held on November 8-9, 2019 in Santiago, Chile following the SHC 2019 Conference.

The meeting will be held at the Hotel Regal Pacific (Av. Apoquindo 5680, Las Condes), which is near the conference location, Centro Parque Event Center.


You will need to book your own reservation either at the Hotel Regal Pacific or another hotel. 

If you choose to stay at the Hotel Regal Pacific, the guaranteed rate for November 7-10, including breakfast, is USD120 + IVA for a single room per night and USD 140 + IVA for a double room per night. Before and after these dates, the rate will be USD170 + IVA for a single room per night and USD 190 + IVA for a double room per night There is free cancellation until 48 hours before check-in. To book your room, please send an email to (with in the CC of your email).

The deadline to book a room at the Hotel Regal Pacific is October 1 or until no availability.

Two important items to note:

  • International guest are not subject to the IVA when paying directly to the hotel or via credit card and presenting your passport and entry clearance upon check-in.
  • November is the high tourist season in Chile so it is advised to make your reservation as early as possible.


ExCo Dinner

A dinner will be organized at a local restaurant with more details to follow later. As this meeting has no host, there will be an extra charge for guests of USD 50 per person.

Meeting Registration

Please register for the ExCo Meeting online. As we have no host for this meeting, there will be a meeting fee of USD $175 to cover the meeting and ExCo dinner costs. Registration deadline is October 1.

Contact: Pam Murphy