Literature About Solar Water Heating and Solar Markets

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation; Sun in Action II – A Solar Thermal Strategy fort Europe
April 2003
IEA SCH programme: Solar Thermal Collector Market in IEA Member Countries
December 2002
Solar Heating in Northern and Central Europe - The Solar Heating Market
June 1997
Document Number: CEC - THERMIE B
Swedish Property Developer Pioneers Renewable Energy
June 1997
Publisher: IEA CADDET Centre for Renewable Energy
Document Number: CADDET Renewable Energy Newsletter, Issue 2.97
Realizing 10,000 Solar Water Heaters by the "Project Approach": lower cost, higher quality
Publisher: Solar Energy & Utilities Conference, Vejle, Denmark
The market potential for solar heating plants in some European countries
March 1996
Document Number: CEC APAS-RENA Project CT 94-0057
Canadian Solar Water Heaters Buyer's Guide
(available in January 2000).
Mini-Review of Active (Thermal) Solar Energy 1995
Publisher: Ten Caddett RE countries have participated in this review, which includes barriers and opportunities based on: financing, infrastructure, utilities, public awareness, environmental issues, codes, and regulation. This document also contains recommendations for future work. A focus on information dissemination is among these recommendations and conclusions.
Solar Collectors and their Fields of Application
Solar District Heating Systems
Solar Thermal Systems in Europe - Information Booklet