Task 6 - Performance of Solar Systems Using Evacuated Collectors

Model Testing Workshop - 25-30 June 1989, Fort Collins, Colorado
December 1989 - PDF 3.29MB
Editor: W.S. Duff, Colorado State University
This report is intended primarily for those who have expertise in both simplified and detailed solar energy systems modeling. It provides descriptions, discussions, analyses, comparisons, graphics, and data that originated in the June 1989 workshop.
Experimental Results from 11 Evacuated Collector Installations
January 1988 - PDF 11.28MB
This report documents 4 years of thermal performance, operation, maintenance and longevity of 11 evacuated collector installations in Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.
Detailed Modeling of Evacuated Collector Systems
August 1987 - PDF 3.28MB
This report describes several numerical models developed for the detailed simulation of solar energy systems. The report documents various models and validation of the models against measured results. A detailed characterization of each of the evacuated collectors and detailed models are provided.
The Development of Mathematically Highly Condensed Computer Simulation Models
1987 - PDF 0.48MB
This report has a two-fold purpose. The original intention was to document the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Task VI work on simplified models, which centered on Input-/Output (I/O)-based methods. However, in the course of model development and improvement, these methods became more sophisticated, complicated, and detailed, so that now the most highly developed one has a level of sophistication comparable to most "detailed" programmes. Thus the term "simplified" is not longer applicable to all these models.
Design Guidelines for Evacuated Collector Solar Energy Systems
December 1986 - PDF 1.57MB
This report familiarizes designers with the very different characteristics of different evacuated collectors to indicate where evacuated collectors are appropriate in a solar energy system, and to provide design guidelines to aid in integrating evacuated collectors into a system.
Characterization of Evacuated Collectors, Arrays and Collection Subsystems
June 1986 - PDF 1.07MB
This report presents analytical and empirical models and technical information from investigations conducted over 10 years at 12 installations. Solar researchers and engineers designing and analyzing solar energy systems as well as formulating solar energy system models and design tools will find this report valuable.
Data Collection and Performance Reporting Specifications for Solar Energy Projects
June 1986 - PDF 1.36MB
This report details the data collection and performance reporting specifications for solar energy projects developed in Task 6.
Eight Evacuated Collector Installations: Interim Report
Eight Evacuated Collector Installations: Interim Report
November 1982 - PDF 6.75MB
Editor: W.S. Duff
This report covers installations in Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.