Task 7 - Central Solar Heating Plants with Seasonal Storage

Central Solar Heating Plants with Seasonal Storage: A Status Report
June 1990 - PDF 7.54MB
ISBN: 91-540-5201-7
This report is the last in a series of IEA technical reports on this topic. CSHPSS systems in seven countries are presented and a general study of the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of such a system in various climates and applications is outlined.
Evaluation of Concepts
November 1986 - PDF 4.33MB
Document Number: 7.2.B
Summary Report of Phases I and II
May 1986 - PDF 1.77MB
Publisher: Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm, Sweden
ISBN: 91-540-4592-4
Preliminary Designs for Ten Countries
January 1984 - PDF 1.64MB
Document Number: D12:1985
Tools for Design and Analysis
December 1983 - PDF 2.92MB
Document Number: CENSOL1
Cost Data and Cost Equations for Heat Storage Concepts
June 1983 - PDF 1.51MB
Document Number: A24389/1
Heat Storage Models - Evaluation and Selection
June 1983 - PDF 5.86MB
Document Number: A2389/2
Basic Design Data for the Heat Distribution System
October 1982 - PDF 2.94MB
Document Number: D22:1982