Subtask D: Market Transfer Activities

D3: Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Cooling Systems
D3: Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Cooling Systems
A technical report of subtask D
December 2010 - PDF 1.64MB
By: Marco Beccali, Maurizio Cellura, Fulvio Ardente, Sonia Longo, Bettina Nocke, Pietro Finocchiaro, Annelore Kleijer, Catherine Hildbrand, Jacques Bony, St├Ęphane Citherlet
Editor: Marco Beccali
Renewable energy (RE) systems can certainly allow reducing the use of fossil fuels and the related environmental impacts for building air-conditioning. It is more and more clear that good design of the system and appropriateness of the technology are a key issues on the way to maximise the benefits. Therefore, for systems dealing with solar thermal systems, it has been experienced that wrong choices among RE technologies to meet specific applications could also lead to negative effects in terms of Primary Energy (PE) saving.