Task 13 - Advance Solar Low Energy Buildings

Final Task Management Report
October 1996 - PDF 0.2MB
The focus of the Task was the application of passive and/or active solar technologies for space heating of single family and multi family residential buildings. The use of passive and active solar concepts for cooling, ventilation, and lighting was also addressed, as well as advanced energy conservation measures to reduce heating and cooling loads.
Solar Energy Houses: Strategies, Technologies, Examples
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Component and System Testing
October 1995
Editor: Saxhof, B., DTU, Copenhagen
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Our New Solar Buildings
In Sun at Work in Europe, Volume 10, Number 1
March 1995
Solar Low Energy Houses of IEA Task 13
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Simulation Strategies for Selected Technologies
Advanced Solar Low Energy Buildings: An Update of Task 13 of the IEA's Solar Heating and Cooling Programme
In Sun World, Volume 16, Number 3
September 1992
Advanced Solar Low Energy Buildings. Task 13 of the IEA's Solar Heating
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