General Publications

Simulation Program Validation Using Domestic Hot Water System Data
August 1982 - PDF 0.88MB
Document Number: 125
The present study is the third and final in a series of model evaluation studies undertaken as part of the activities within Task 1 of the IEA SHC. The first of these activities consisted of model-to-model comparisons on two hypothetical systems (air and liquid) using a year of hourly data from three different locations. The second activity was a validation activity in which model predictions were compared to performance measurement data from the solar system at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Study Center in New Mexico. This was a large solar system with 716 m2 of collector area and two storage tanks of 19 and 38 m3. These two activities are documented in reference 1 and 2.
Instrumented Facilities Survey for Solar Assisted Low Energy Dwellings
February 1982 - PDF 2.32MB
Document Number: DOE/NBM-2015158
This publication of thirty-eight dwelling projects is the result of a survey conducted to identify projects and their associated instrumentation available in participating countries as a source of performance. The survey was coordinated and compiled by the United States Department of Energy under direction of the Operating Agent, Denmark. It represents one of the assigned items of work under Task 1, Subtask F - Solar-Assisted Low-Energy Dwellings.
Validation of Simulation Models Using Measured Performance Data from the Los Alamos Study Center
September 1981 - PDF 0.35MB
Document Number: LA-9028-MS
in Subtask A of IEA Task 1, a common understanding and basis for the modeling and simulation of solar heating and cooling systems was established. This was done by comparing the performance predictions of models developed in participating countries for a set of well-defined, representative, hypothetical systems. The results of that work are documented in Ref. 1. Subtask E was initiated as a natural continuation of the work of Subtask A to further evaluate the simulation codes by performing comparisons to measured data for real installed systems.
June 1981 - PDF 0.56MB
Document Number: I.4.1981
This document is a summary of work performed by the IEA SHC Task 1 group in Subtask D -- solar energy system economic optimization. The scope of work is primarily limited to the optimization of small scale (i.e. residential) active solar thermal systems. The initial objectives of the subtask were to review and evaluate approaches to the optimization of these systems by comparing the thermal performance predictions of the "simplified methods" to the results obtained from the detailed simulation programs Subtask A of Task 1 for standard air and liquid solar systems in different climates.
Reporting Format for Thermal Performance of Solar Heating and Cooling Systems in Buildings
February 1980 - PDF 0.83MB
Document Number: D1:1980
A rapidly growing number of projects are undertaken in the field of solar energy which in turn means that there is an enormouse flow of reports and that the majority of researchers are fairly new in the field. Because of the foreseen shortage of primary energy in the future, the development of the solar energy technique needs to progress fast. In this situation there is a special need for an effective exchange of information that enables the results from projects to be quickly distributed and used. It is felt that a resporting format can be some help.
Modelling and Simulation
October 1979 - PDF 1.69MB
Document Number: 1
This report presents the work carried out in subtask A of Task 1 withing the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. The objectives of Task 1 are given in the preface. Subtask A Modelling and Simulation, is one of fives subtasks established in this task to accomplish these objectives. The purpose of this subtask was to establish a common understanding and basis for the modelling and simulation of solar heating and cooling systems.
Data Requirements and Thermal Performance Evaluation Procedures for Solar Heating and Cooling Systems
August 1979 - PDF 0.69MB
Editor: Elmer R. Streed
This document provides standardized nomenclature and procedures to serve as a guide to monitor and evaluate research or demonstration type solar hot water or heated and/or cooled systems, components and buildings. Performance factors, data requirements, measurement parameters and data analysis methods are described for typical solar energy systems. The document has resulted from the review and comments submitted by representatives of countries particpating in Task 1. Material developed by the United States for use in the National Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Program and published as NBSIR 76-1137[1], was used as the primary reference. The contacts persons for each country participating in Task 1 are listed in Appendix A.