Subtask B: Processes, methods and tools

Approaches, Methods and Tools for Solar Energy in Urban Planning
Approaches, Methods and Tools for Solar Energy in Urban Planning
August 2018 - PDF 31.54MB
By: Olaf Bruun Jørgensen, Johan Dahlberg, Laurent Deschamps, Aymeric Delmas, Pietro Florio, Francesco Frontini, François Garde, Simone Giostra, Jouri Kanters, Karin Kappel, Margarethe Korolkow, Tilmann Kuhn, Marja Lundgren, Christoph Maurer, Maria Cristina Munari Probst, Emilie Nault, Romain Nouvel, Giuseppe Peronato, Cristina S. Polo López, Cristian Roecker, Alessandra Scognamiglio, Simon Stendorf Sørensen, Tanja Siems, Katharina Simon, Daniele Vettorato, Karsten Voss
Editor: Marja Lundgren & Johan Dahlberg
Publisher: IEA SHC Task 51
Document Number: Task 51/ Report B2

This report gathers and presents approaches, methods and tools that can support and facilitate daylight and solar energy considerations within urban planning processes. The report presents different ways to address existing building stock, new urban environments and landscape environments in relation to use of daylight and active solar. It addresses the need for spatial and energy planning that enhances solar energy while respecting cultural and historical heritage values in urban and landscape contexts.