Europe Asia Solar Cooling Gains Traction
January 2012
Editor: Solarthermalworld
Publisher: Solarthermalworld
Large Japanese and Chinese companies have recently taken a greater interest in solar cooling. The photo shows an installation by Chinese company Jiangsu Huineng New Energy Technology (Huin), which started supplying solar cooling systems this year. New system kits help drive down costs, although investments in sorption chillers are still higher than for compression chillers. After the Intersolar Europe conference in Munich, Germany, and its dedicated solar cooling session, Uli Jakob, Vice President of the German sorption chiller association Green Chiller, noted: “Solar cooling was one of the highlights of the conference.”
Keeping Cool with the Sun
Keeping Cool with the Sun
Latest Developments on Solar Cooling and Task 48 Short Presentation
January 2012 - PDF 1.36MB
Publisher: International Sustainable Energy Review
Worldwide, the energy consumption required for cold and air conditioning is rising rapidly. Usual electrically driven compressor chillers (split units) have maximum energy consumption in peak-load periods during the summer. In the last few years in Southern Europe this has regularly led to grids working to maximum capacity and blackouts. In recent years, the sales figures of split units with a cooling capacity range of up to 5KW have risen rapidly.