Subtask D: PVT Systems Design Examples and Dissemination and Market Support

Visualization of energy flows in PVT systems
Visualization of energy flows in PVT systems
Report D4
October 2019 - PDF 0.56MB
By: Danny Jonas

PVT collectors are always part of a system approach. These kinds of systems are highly integrated. So, all components have to interact with each other in a well-concerted way and it is important to describe this in a technical way that incorporates different information needed for the interaction. One possibility to describe the interaction of PVT collectors and other components in a system is the use of a representation of flows developed in an IEA SHC Task (Task 44 – see ref). The representation is called the “energy flow diagram” or simply “square views” (you will understand why) for the visualization of energy flows between the different system components.