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The Environmental Brief: Pathways for Green Design
March 2007
By: Richard Hyde
Publisher: Spon Press
ISBN: 0415290449
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This book explains how the use of an environment brief can drive building design to produce high environmental performance. The book is divided into three parts: theoretical issues of environmental briefing; the briefing method and process; and a series of international case studies.
Sustainable Housing in Warm Climates - Learning from Innovative Projects
February 2005
Editor: S. Robert Hastings and Maria Wall
Publisher: James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd., London
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Bioclimatic Housing: Innovative Designs for Warm Climates
Editor: Richard Hyde
ISBN: 1844072843
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This book addresses sustainable architecture in warmer climates and addresses the relationship between nature and design. It explores case studies from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia to form an overview of strategies and to show how these strategies can be developed into practice the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia to form an overview of strategies and to show how these strategies can be developed into practice by architects, designers and engineers.
Business Opportunities in Sustainable Housing A Marketing Guide Based on Houses in 10 Countries
PDF 6.03MB
Sustainable housing is a growing part of the housing industry, making it a business opportunity waiting to be explored. To help in this exploration, the report presents experiences on how sustainable housing was introduced into the market in different countries.
Sustainable Solar Housing
Marketable Housing For A Better Environment Brochure
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Sustainable Solar Housing - 2 Volumes
Editor: Robert Hastings and Maria Wall
Order - 67.50 GBP
This far-reaching and authoritative two-volume set examines a range of energy conservation and renewable energy solutions for designing low-energy buildings. Each volume assesses the potential of these options in a variety of contexts, covering different housing types (apartment, row and detached) in cold, temperate and mild climates. The authors are from 14 countries and include a mix of internationally respected academics and practitioners. Volume 1 – Strategies and Solutions Volume 1 presents strategies and solutions, offering the reader a solid platform for developing concepts, considering environmental and economic concerns for housing projects in a variety of contexts. Volume 2 – Exemplary Buildings and Technologies Volume 2 offers a detailed analysis of exemplary buildings in different European countries and examines the various technologies employed to achieve the remarkable performance. Aided by clear illustrations, it offers invaluable insights into the application of these technologies.