Task 3 - Performance Testing of Solar Collectors

The Characterization and Testing of Solar Collector Thermal Performance
April 1993 - PDF 3.45MB
Document Number: IEA-SHC-T.3.D.1
This report summarizes the progress made by Task participants in developing characterization equations and test methods for various types of collectors. In particular, it shows how a simple generic model can be used to describe different collectors operating over a wider range of conditions than normally covered in standard tests.
Summary of National Approaches to Short Term SDHW Systems Testing
December 1987 - PDF 2.95MB
Document Number: T.3.E.1
Environmental Factors of Collector Degradation
October 1987 - PDF 1.69MB
Document Number: SEU-IEA-TR1
Results of an Outdoor and Indoor Pyranometer Comparison
April 1986 - PDF 3.59MB
Document Number: III.A.3
Reference and Calibration Heaters
January 1986 - PDF 0.87MB
Document Number: D1:1986
Proceedings from the IEA Task III Workshop on the Service Life of Solar Collector Components and Materials
Technical University of Denmark, December 6-8, 1983
August 1984 - PDF 3.41MB
Solar Simulators for Collector Testing: Specifications and Operating Characteristics
June 1983
Proceedings of the CEC/IEA Workshop on Solar Simulators
Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy, February 9-11, 1982
February 1982
Document Number: SA.A1.
Failure Modes of Solar Collectors
August 1981 - PDF 9.52MB
Results and Analyses of IEA Round Robin Testing
December 1979 - PDF 2.15MB
Document Number: III.A.1