Navigator Dynamic Manual
EXE 9.34MB
A more impressive way to get familiar with the NAVIGATOR provides the Dynamic Manual. Short video clips explain a lot of basics and possible adaptations.
Navigator Tool
XLS 0.72MB
The Navigator is an interactive knowledge space (accessible through MS Excel) regarding the Integrated Design Process. It guides actors in the definition and the practice of IDP. It contains the (Generic) Integrated Design Process, illustrated in a graph, that serves as the backbone, showing the different phases of the design process, and important issues during different stages of design. The Navigator also recommends methods and tools how to avoid or solve typical problems. The information within the Navigator can be adjusted and supplemented with new experiences . In this way a personal knowledge space is created.
Navigator User Manual
PDF 1.56MB
Explains the handling of the Excel-worksheets and introduces the realized (VB and Macro) features.