A Multi-Criteria Decision Support Method for Whole Building Solar Design
PPT 0.24MB
This power point presentation explains the Multi Criteria Decision Making Method and can be used to present the method to a larger audience.
MCDM-23 Tool
EXE 6.23MB
MCDM-23 is a new design-tool program that automates many tasks involved in using the Multi-Criteria Decision Making method developed by Task 23. The end products are worksheets, bar charts, and associated star diagrams that quantify how various design schemes stack up according to criteria selected by the user. Important! Only install MCDM-23 with Windows 95 or Windows 98. Do not install with Windows NT or Windows 2000.
MCDM-23 User Manual
PDF 1.56MB
Introduces the handling and features of the MCDM Software.
Multi-Criteria Decision-Making - Method for specifying and prioritizing criteria and goals in design
PDF 0.22MB
This booklet explains how to use the Multi Criteria Decision Making method that was developed within Task 23. The method assists the design team to select and to prioritise amongst design criteria, and to evaluate alternative design solutions. In design competitions, the method can assist in developing the program and to select the best design amongst several alternatives.